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Historical Pisa, renowned for its Leaning Tower. The town is somewhat of an overlooked pearl in Italy. We recommend you to visit Pisa and below is how we spent our 24 hours in this lovely city.

You have plenty of options to choose from when arriving at Pisa. If you arrive by airplane you will arrive at the nice small Galileo Galilei International Airport. Located only approximately 10-15 mins driving from the Leaning Tower for a reasonable fare of just 12 EUR (2019).

If you arrive by train from some of the larger cities, you are actually within walking distance of various hotels around Pisa. It is so easy.

Italy is a wonderful country to explore by train, you can read about our Italian adventure here, where we visited three of Italy’s most popular cities.

Pisa Internationale Airport
Visit Pisa

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Where to stay in Pisa?

With just around 90.000 inhabitants, Pisa is an easy and accessible city. You will have no difficulty finding accommodations.

We can recommend:
3* Hotel Pisa Tower: We stayed here. A fine hotel, somewhat rough around the edges, but nice and clean. The decor is kept in a traditional romantic style. Decent breakfast with a lovely option to enjoy it on the terrace in the morning sun. Get a glimpse of The Leaning Tower as soon as you step outside the hotel.

Our room at Hotel Pisa Tower
Breakfast at Hotel Pisa Tower

4* Grand Hotel Duomo: We discovered this hotel a little too late. Its location is perfect and they have an amazing roof terrace with a panoramic view across the city. You have a fantastic view towards The Leaning Tower and it just looks very nice!

If you are looking for another hotel in Pisa, you can check out the latest prices here.

Visit Pisa with our 24-hour schedule

Morning Schedule

Arrive during the morning to Pisa. Doing so will offer you the best possibility to have enough time to experience the city.

Head straight for The Leaning Tower. There will be thousands of other people around the square around lunchtime, (especially during summer) but if this is your first time in Pisa, you simply cannot miss out.

Piazza del Duomo and the Tower

Piazza del Duomo are not just the spectacular Leaning Tower, it also the Pisa Baptistery and the Duomo Cathedral.
While locals are enjoying their coffee and a book and other tourists are enjoying gelato and reading “The trip goes to Pisa”-books on the grass, we just enjoyed the view. These beautiful constructions in Pisan Romanesque style really make you forget to breathe for a moment. Amazing!

Pisa attraction tickets

In all three buildings at Piazza del Duomo, you need to have a ticket to enter, you can buy your tickets in advance here to the Cathedrale and Leaning Tower – we truly recommend it in the peak season (June-August)
Just be prepared to climb up the 300 spiraling stairs to get to the top of the Tower.

Us and the Pisa Baptistery with the Cathedral and Leaning Tower of Pisa

Spend an hour or so to get all the great, fun and quirky pictures you have to get. And don’t mind looking like a fool, everyone is in it together!

Like me – holding the Leaning Tower is a hard job 🙂

Hard to hold the leaning tower
24 hours in Pisa

Afterward, you can find a table at the Restaurant Antica Trattoria Antonietta Pisa to have lunch. You will have a nice view of the rising tower and of course the pretty cathedral. We can recommend their pizza.

Lunch with a view

After Lunch

Filled and reenergized, walk down Via Santa Maria, where you will find a selection of other nice restaurants, cafes, shops, and ice cream houses. Everywhere you go, there is the possibility to get a cup of the famous Italian gelato and sorbets.

Experience Piazza del Cavalieri and if you are lucky, you will find street musicians. The large historical buildings offers the perfect backdrop.

Piazza del Cavalieri
Visit Pisa

Spending 24 hours in Pisa, you will also have time to take a stroll along the beautiful Arno River. Enjoy the calm scenery with colored houses and (hopefully) blue in blue sky and river.

Love by Arno River
24 hours in Pisa

Walk down the fine pedestrian street Corso Italia towards Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. A nice square with a pretty merry-go-round. When we were there, there were several booths not only offering local second-hand merchandise but also books and jewelry.

Visit Pisa and Piazza Vittorio Emanuele

Near the square, you can find a wall painting by the eccentric American artist Keith Haring.

After that, visit the small gothic church of Santa Maria della Spina on your way back. It was built in 1230 right next to the banks of the river in distinctive white marbled Pisan Gothic style.

Santa Maria delle Spina

Its time to find some dinner. As a matter of fact, the town is filled with interesting restaurants, so options are many. Price levels are generally fair.

Evening Idea

Finish off the day with an evening walk around Piazza del Duomo with The Leaning Tower. You will not find many people at this time of day not to mention that all the school trips have gone home and you can enjoy the place in its serenity.

Leaning Tower by night

Finally, the next morning marks the 24 hours you have spent in Pisa and its time to move on. We walked down to the Pisa Central Station to catch the regional train heading for another exciting Italian city. Curious?

We had an amazing Italian round trip – you can find our itinerary here.

Pisa Central train station
24 hours in Pisa

We truly hope this guide will help you to have a wonderful time in Pisa. If you have any question, comments or just think this article was useful, please write us a comment below – we would love to hear from you.

Have you explored wonderful Pisa?

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Visit Pisa
Visit Pisa

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