Top 9 Reasons Why We All Should Travel More

“To Travel is To Live…”

H. C. Andersen, Danish Writer

H.C. Andersen wrote this profound piece of wisdom more than 150 years ago and it remains true today. Below you will find Compass & Coconuts’s top 9 reasons why we all should travel more:

  1. You get away from your everyday life and routines. At least for a short while. Routines are broken down and time will feel like it is going slower. Remember when you were a kid and time just felt like going slower? That’s because we had so many new and unique experiences in our lives back then. As adults, we have a terrible tendency to fall victim to the rat race.
  1. If you travel with your partner, you can devote true quality time to each other. Prioritize yourselves as a couple. Hold hands, kiss and just be together. Go for long walks. Get in sync.
Happy in Nyhavn
New Harbor, Copenhagen
  1. It opens your eyes to different cultures, customs, and traditions. Traveling can be a great opportunity to try new things as well and move you a bit out of your comfort zone.
  1. Traveling enriches your senses with new sights, smells, tastes, and sounds. Research indicates that your brain actually evolves because of these new types of input. Even strange and odd input will sharpen your senses.

Travelling challenges you in many ways…

  1. It challenges your preconceptions and possible intolerances. Our minds are biologically wired in such a way that if we have a bad experience once, in relation to a particular culture or race, we may have a tendency to generalize going forward. Traveling is a great opportunity to challenge those preconceptions and can make you a more open-minded and trusting individual.
  1. You realize just how small you are in the world. Especially if you travel to nature-rich destinations, you can achieve a tremendous amount of understanding, respect, and awe for nature and the world we live in. Sustainability is no longer just a buzz word you read in the papers because now it is suddenly anchored in the real world and your experiences. Try diving down to a completely bleached coral reef or notice plastic rubbish on the bounty beach. We need to protect it.
Clean up beaches
Plastic waste belongs in the recycle bin…

You grow as an individual when traveling

  1. In so many ways, traveling will grow you as a person. Finding your way around a new city, perhaps not even knowing the language can lead to feelings of success and a yes-I-can attitude. Bring back those feelings to your life at home.
  1. Living in Denmark, we are pretty happy people already, but traveling will actually make you even happier. Research even indicates that just planning a vacation has an impact on your brain waves. So start planning your next journey today!
  1. Let go of some control. We humans like to be in control. We plan and schedule, carry through projects and keep budgets. But sometimes it can be quite insightful just to let go of that strive for control and let things happen. When traveling, things don’t always go according to plan. A train or a flight might get delayed, an attraction you had been looking forward to is perhaps closed. Take things with a smile and enjoy the occasional random event life also has a tendency to offer you.
Travel is to live
H. C. Andersen, Copenhagen.

Like the author H.C. Andersen realized back in 1855, traveling is an immense learning opportunity. He learned a great deal about people, cultures, and nature but also did a lot of thinking along the way.

Having read our article with our “top 9 reasons why we should all travel more”, we hope you will move along as well…

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9 reasons to travel more
9 reasons to travel more

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