Spectacular Sydney

Ever since I was a teenager, Australia has been on my bucket list. In May 2015 my dream came true! We started our adventure with 2 days in Spectacular Sydney…

SYDNEY! I made it! 

In Sydney for the first time

Sydney is the most populous city in Australia with 5 mill. people. Truly a unique metropolis.

My sister and I started our adventure with 2 days in Sydney.

16.500 km from home!

We started our first day with a day ticket to the Hop on-Hop off buses. It was a good way to get an impression of the streets and surroundings of Sydney. When the bus turned and we could see Sydney Harbour with the famous Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge our hearts skipped a beat – an amazing view we had only seen on pictures or TV. We were thrilled!

Beautiful Sydney at dusk

We took a walk around the magnificent Opera House – it was amazing… we spent a lot of time in that area… unfortunately we didn´t have the time to see it from the inside. This is definitely on my bucket list for my next time in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge

After a lot of admiring and a bunch of nice photos, we jumped on the HoHo-bus to go to Bondi Beach. I know May isn´t the perfect time for the beach, but we needed to see the famous Bondi Beach as well. I can imagine the popularity the beach must have during the summer.

Bondi Beach in May

Dare devils in Spectacular Sydney

We had this idea, that we had to get on the top of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was a bit difficult to find the address though; 3 Cumberland St. But with a little help from Google maps, we found it. We needed to change for their beautiful and one sized jumpsuits. After that, we had a thorough briefing on how to behave, walk and be safe.

Me in a beautiful one sizes jumpsuit

We were not allowed to bring anything – including a camera… so no pictures, unfortunately… as taking pictures 134 meters into the air, could compromise safety. The tour on the bridge was amazing. In fact, for some, it could be considered a bit scary. The first part of the tour took us up under the main structure of the bridge – above car level, very intense. We walked on small paths, held on the robes and climbed very tiny iron stairs. When we began our tour on the upper level we could finally begin the fun part getting very close to the summit. During the tour, we were safely fastened with carabiners and robes.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Can definitely recommend Bridgeclimb, for a fantastic tour at Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney has so many things to offer – unfortunately, we couldn´t manage it all.

What do you think about our first 2 days in Sydney?
Did we spend them well – or do you have some suggestion for our next trip?

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