A Simple Guide to San Francisco

We are back from an amazing, mesmerizing, incredible and totally wonderful trip to the western part of the big USA.
Out of our 22 days spent in the US, we spent 3 days in the City by the Bay.
This is our simple guide to San Francisco – where to stay, how to manage transportation and the most iconic things to see.

We dropped off our RV near Oakland Airport and grabbed a cap to our hotel.
We were on our way. The silhouette of the city appeared in the distance. Driving across the last bridge, the Bay Bridge. It was quite thrilling. There was the city we had heard so much about. Portrayed in so many movies and tv-series and thinking we would never see it myself – San Francisco here we come.

San Francisco here we come

Where to stay

If you´re planning a trip to San Francisco, look for hotels near Union Square, near Fisherman’s Wharf or a stay in between. There you will be perfectly located for sightseeing in San Francisco. We had 3 nights at Hotel Diva located just a block away from Union Square.  Besides having a fire staircase as a view, it has some clean and functional rooms. Staff was nice and helpful and the most important thing; it was very centrally located.

Tip: We booked our stay at Booking.com, which is helpful with a cool map where you can locate your hotel and always offers some good rates. (if you use our Booking.com link for your next stay around the world, you´ll get 15% back after your stay)

Hotel Diva

What to see in San Francisco

San Francisco has so many fun and iconic things to see. You probably know Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz. Or are you familiar with the Full House series from the 90s, then you have to see the colored houses also known as the “Painted Ladies”.  Also, Pier 39 has set a big fat mark on the map with all the shopping, restaurants and attractions on the pier. Last but least all the sea lions who have found their way to this particular spot.

Interested in more sightseeing, we recommend you to read our post: 8 most iconic things to see in San Francisco.

Heart in San Francisco

Getting around

San Francisco is a very pedestrian friendly city and you can easily walk from Fisherman’s Wharf to Union Square by foot. The most iconic for San Francisco is the famous cable cars, which will transport you up and down the steep streets and hills in a very cool way while standing on the outside. But unfortunately, these fares are a bit expensive. It costs 7 USD per person one way (2018).

But we experienced that the city has a very good and functional bus-system. It did only cost 2,75 USD for a ticket (1,35 for youth – cheaper for children under the age of 12) and it was stamped with an expiration time (normally after 1½ hour). Just remember to have the correct amount for the bus, cause no change is given. (2018)

Tip: It is possible to get a 1-day pass for all transportation for approx. 22 USD per person (incl. the cable cars)(2018)

Kenneth in a bus with view

How to get to/from the San Francisco airports

San Francisco has two major airports – San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Oakland International Airport (OAK) and we got close to them both.
As I mentioned earlier we dropped off our RV near Oakland Airport and took a taxi. Price was 105 USD for a large van (we were 6 persons plus luggage).

When our time ran out in San Francisco we had to find a way to get to San Francisco International Airport to pick up our next vehicle.  We researched all the options we had and concluded that the train would be the cheapest.

So we walked 10 mins from our hotel, with all our stuff, to Powell Street Station, paid 10 USD pr. person (2018)(although it only cost 6 USD for youths – but that service could Powell Street Station not provide, which was a bummer) and took a half hour direct train ride to the airport.  Very easy.

Info: The trains depart every 15 min, so no worries.

Train to airport

Guide to San Francisco

All in all, San Francisco is amazing. It is easy to getting around. It has some fantastic sightseeing. The locals are friendly and outgoing.  We absolutely recommend you to visit San Francisco.

Did you find this simple guide to San Francisco useful?
If you´re planning a trip to SF or have you already been – where do/did you stay?
We would love to hear from you, either way, so please leave a comment in the box below.

City art in San Francisco

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