Sailing Trip from Lindos

Treat yourself with a special experience with a sailing trip from Lindos

We had booked a day at sea aboard the sailing ship Yin Yang through They came with good recommendations and altogether they fully met our expectations for a very special day. Perhaps one of the best from the whole trip!

The departure point was the beautiful Lindos Bay and we had arranged to be there at 10. If you are staying nearby the northern part of Rhodes, you can take a cab like we did and it took us around 45-50 mins to reach Lindos. Precisely at 10, a small boat tugged into the bay and it was Alex ready to collect his guests of the day.

Yin Yang boat

Dreaming of sailing

Alex and Mireia who owns the ship are a couple from Spain living out their dream of sailing. Every summer they share their passion with visitors and Yin Yang has been their home for the past 8 years. They open their home and take guests on sailing trips around the Aegean Sea near Lindos.

The ship can accommodate 10 people. However, on our trip, we were just 3 couples from different countries together with our hosts. Because of the group size, we felt we had enough space to relax and enjoy the sailing as well as socialize with the other couples.

Christina enjoy the sun

Alex and Mireia were really nice and forthcoming. They passionately shared stories of their adventures around the Mediterranean and their dreams of taking longer stretches, perhaps across the Atlantic.

Lunch time

We stayed on the eastern coast of Rhodes during the sail where we scuba dived and enjoyed the sun. Around lunchtime, we went into Haraki Bay just north of Lindos and with the small boat, we went to the beach. Lunch was on our own accord and we decided on one of the many beachside restaurants and had a bite to eat. Very relaxing.

Lunch ashore

We were eager to get aboard again after lunch. The sun was so nice and warm and the sea was simply crystal blue and clear. We made stops into small coves to scuba dive whenever we could and just play around. We had everything to ourselves.

Christina scuba diving
Kenneth making acrobats

On the stretches between the stops, we all got to try and steer the ship under the patient and competent guidance of Alex. Keeping the ship straight while catching the wind into the sails is much harder than you would think!

Kenneth sailing the ship

It was truly a special day!

The sailing trip was originally scheduled from 10 to 18 (10 am to 6 pm) although we did not reach Lindos Bay until around 19:30 (7:30 pm). Time was not all that important. We can fully recommend this sailing trip – in a word it was brilliant. The price was EUR 55 each and soft drinks were included.

Kenneth making acrobatic

Visit and experience a day at sea together with Alex and Mireia.

Beautiful Yin Yang in sunset

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