Our Iconic Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard trip

On our trip around Australia, we had now reach Cairns, from where we had booked a Great Barrier Reef liveaboard trip.

We had arrived in Cairns, located right on the coast in the north-eastern corner of Australia.

Cairns is a popular destination due to its tropical climate and more than 2 million tourists visit the town each year. Their goal is to experience one of nature’s natural wonders; the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

Iconic Great Barrier Reef

Early start…

We were picked up and went to the diving center, very early in the morning. Here we had to fill out and sign a lot of papers. Once that was all done and taken care of, we could go to a smaller boat who brought us to our Great Barrier Reef liveaboard ship. It took us approx. 2 hours to get to the ship.

Although we were in tropical Queensland, the weather was grey and with lots of low hanging dark clouds. Many people on board got seasick. If you decide to go during the winter, be prepared for waves and higher seas.

Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard ship
Grey sky with rainbow

The Great Barrier Reef liveaboard ship

We arrived on the ship and had a short briefing about life aboard, safety and some other stuff. We were staying on the ship with 15-20 other people. People from all over the world.

After our briefing, we got our small cabin with a bunker for two – perfect for our needs – we had left our main luggage back at the hotel and had only brought a small bag with toiletries, bikinis and some clothes.

The weather had not improved… but that could not keep us away from the water!

Christina in a wetsuit and snokle
Rainbow above Great Barrier Reef

Let us explore the famous Great Barrier Reef!

We found the wet suits quite uncomfortable and since we were just scuba diving, there was little point in wearing them. We convinced the instructors to jump into the water without. Much better!

Me and sis at Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef was amazing. It was all magical when the sun occasionally sent us some small beams and lit up the reef. The colors of the many fish and corals were a stunning view. In my head, I kept thinking about Pixar’s movie “Finding Nemo” – the recollection of the reef was incredible.

Fish at the Reef
Fish at the Reef

Our 30 hours on the Great Barrier Reef liveaboard were really laid back. We had a chef on board who made us all the meals and we had skilled instructors who took good care of us.
Life was really good! Thanks to Cairns DiveCenter for a fantastic and memorable trip to the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

Our Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard ship

Have you ever seen the Great Barrier Reef?
What do think of our 2-day trip at the
Would you take a day trip or a night at the reef?

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