Kuranda Scenic Railway and Skyrail

From Cairns, you are able to explore the famous Kuranda scenic railway with beautiful views. It will transport you to the nice little Kuranda village where you can explore much more.

We started the tour with a historic train ride with Kuranda Scenic Railway. A very special experience. We were sitting in old fashion compartments with leather seats and lacquered walls.

Kuranda scenic railway

While the old train took us on the beautiful scenic railway through tunnels and across bridges, we could enjoy the magnificent view while going up the mountain to Kuranda. We drove past waterfalls and outstanding views while heading deeper into the rainforest.

Kuranda scenic railway
Barron Fall at Kuranda scenic railway
Waterfall right outside the Kuranda scenic railway

Butterfly Sanctuary

We ended in the small picturesque Kuranda Village. A small walk from the train station took us to the Australia Butterfly Sanctuary. This was a pretty awesome place. I have never seen so many butterflies in one place before. The sanctuary is home to over 2000 large, colorful and beautiful butterflies.

brown butterfly
butterflies on shoe

We followed the trail through the sanctuary and was amazed many times, both by the luxuriant area and the colorful butterflies, who are all local rainforest species. Especially the big blue Ulysses butterfly caught our attention – unfortunately, a bit hard to capture.

Beautiful butterflies
yellow butterfly

Rainforestation Nature Park

After the butterflies, we were going to Rainforestation Nature Park where we drove into the rainforest in an amphibious army duck. The guide was very informative and told us about the rainforest, the animals who lived here and the whole ecosystem.

Army duck

We drove by small muddy areas, rough terrain and at last, we ended up driving into a lake searching for more wildlife. Unfortunately, not much wildlife showed up for us. We did see some small spiders though.

Army duck in rainforest
Kuranda scenic railway

Dancing for the Sun, Moon and Rain

The park also introduced us to Australia’s indigenous culture, the aboriginals, which is one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world. Local indigenous Pamagirri guides welcomed us and we learned about the fascinating customs and ancient traditions that are kept alive in the rainforest of Kuranda, in Tropical North Queensland.

Aboriginals dance

A huge experience where we tried to play on a didgeridoo and learned how to throw a boomerang and dance for the sun, moon and rain.

Aboriginals show
Aboriginal hunting

Kuranda scenic railway up and Skyrail Cableway down

On our way back to Cairns we took the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. For 7,5 km’s we flew above the beautiful green pristine rainforest. We had one of the gondola cabins for ourselves with a 360-degree view. Gliding over the massive rainforest, large rivers and we had a magnificent view with waterfalls. It was amazing, but at the same time also a bit scary. A huge experience.

Kuranda scenic railway up and Skyrail Cableway down
Christina flying high above the rainforest

As you can see on the pictures the weather was not the best – but we had a blast.

Kuranda scenic railway up and Skyrail Cableway down
skyrail view

Thank you to Tropic Wings for this amazing full day excursion, which brought us by land, by sea, and by air in Kuranda – we enjoyed it so much!

What do you think about the excursion to Kuranda?

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