Itinerary: Pisa, Florence and Rome

It is super easy to travel around Italy. The country has some incredibly interesting and fascinating cities. You can combine a lot of their historical sites in just a few days.

Spring 2019, we traveled to Pisa, Florence and Rome at the end of March into early April. We had 6 days and 5 nights available.

Day 1: Arrive to Pisa

First, we arrived in Pisa by plane in the morning. Took a cab to the hotel with a price tag of 12€ (2019). Checked in and experienced this hidden pearl in Tuscany. Read more about our 24 hours in Pisa.

Pisa, Florence and Rome
24 hours in Pisa

Day 2: Florence

Next morning, we jumped on the train to Florence. Travel time is approx. 1 hour. Arrived at Florence around 1 pm / 13:00. At the train station, you can store your luggage for 6€ (+1€ for each extra hour)(2019).

We found our tickets on A fine and understandable website, where you can find tickets to almost every city around Italy.

Pisa Central train station
Pisa Florence and Rome

Afterward, we had 8 hours to experience Florence.
Florence has three important sites you have to see.

  • Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. Spectacular masterpiece. This huge cathedral was finished in 1436. It is possible to get into the cathedral and up in the dome, but only with a ticket. The line is long and there will be some waiting time.
Florence Cathedral
  • Ponte Vecchio. This old bridge has an odd history. View and enjoy it from a distance but don’t miss taking a walk on it. The present tenants are jewelers and art dealers. Most jewelers in fact.
Ponte Vecchio - perfect visit with the itinerary to Pisa Florence and Rome
  • Michelangelo´s David. Created in marble in the early 15s. Unfortunately, it is not the original you´ll find outside the Palazzo Vecchio. The original you will find on the museum, but it still has all the incredible contours. And his eyes are still turned towards Rome.
David statue

Our time in Florence ran fast, with a lunch break, some surfing in the small markets and ice creams breaks.

Florence market

Later in the evening we collected our baggage and took the high-speed train to Rome. This was about 1½ hours or so. Plenty of space and very convenient. The cab from the Termini Station in Rome to our hotel near Sant´Angelo was 15€ (2019).

Ticket to Rome
Pisa Florence and Rome

Dag 3: We were in Rome!

On our first day in Rome, the plan was to experience:

  • Sct. Peter’s Square and Sct. Peter’s Cathedral.
  • The Vatican and The Sistine Chapel (We changed our minds on this, however).
  • Piazza Navona.
  • Pantheon.
  • Colosseum (outside).

You can read here how we spent our 3 days in Rome.

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Sct Peters Church
Piazza Navona
Explore Rome with the perfect itinerary to Pisa Florence and Rome.

Day 4: Still in Rome

There were still plenty of things to see and we returned to many of the sites to re-take pictures and experience the sites at different times of the day 🙂

  • Walk by the River Tiber.
  • Piazza del Popolo.
  • The Spanish Steps.
  • Trevi Fountain.
  • Pantheon.
  • Ruins beneath Piazza Navona.

You can read how we spent our 3 days in Rome.

River Tiber and Sant Angelo
Trevi fountain

Day 5: Colosseum, Palatine and Forum Romanum

We only saw these three sights today. We booked our tickets in advance to get inside and it is totally worth it – especially to jump in front of the line to get inside the Colosseum. They have a limit for 3.000 people. Very historical day. Book your tickets here.

Pisa Florence and Rome
Inside Colosseum
Inside Forum Romanum

If you want to know more about our days in Rome, please read how we spent 3 days in Rome.

Here you can find some inspiration to your trip to Rome:

Day 6: Going home

We had a flight just around noon, so we booked a taxi and drove to the airport. We were flying from Ciampino Airport. It took approx. 1 hour due to traffic and cost us 30€ (2019).

Arch of Constantine

This itinerary to Pisa, Florence and Rome is more than recommendable. It took us to some of Italy´s most beautiful and historic cities within a week.

Bonus Info: We really like walking around the cities and experience things up close. As a result, we walked 82 km or just under 51 miles in just 5 days. If you are not keen on these types of long city walks, don’t despair. You can experience Rome also by other means. There are Hop on/Hop off buses that drive around the city and there is a fine metro- and bus system as well.

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Pisa Florence and Rome
Pisa Florence and Rome

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