Holiday Island Resort & Spa, Maldives

The Maldives has a certain reputation of having way too expensive accommodations, so regular people don’t have a chance to visit.
Well, think again – Holiday Island Resort makes it possible.

Beautiful Holiday Island

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It is absolutely possible to take a travel to the ultimate paradise, The Maldives, for regular mortal people.

Admittedly, the Maldives has some non-reachable accommodations in a 3-figured-thousand dollar class. They also have accommodations available for backpackers, low budget travelers, the regular travelers who are just searching for a little piece of paradise.

Holiday Island Resort is definitely a little piece of paradise and is affordable for most people.

Piece of Paradise

After arriving at Male airport you will find a huge hall only with desks from all the accommodations spread across the Maldives. You go to the desk with Villa hotels which is a group of five resorts incl. Holiday Island Resort.

The desk checks that you are on their list and takes you to the domestic area, from where you´ll have to board a small Dash-8 plane. The waiting time will be short and acceptable. The flight will take approx. 20 minutes and you’ll be on your way overflying the beautiful atolls.

Flying above Maldives atolls

Note: You are only allowed to bring 20 kgs (44 lbs) for your checked-in luggage and 5 kgs (11 lbs) for your hand luggage for this flight.

You arrive at Villa Airport Maamigili. A very small airport where you will pick up your luggage. You step outside to a few people with signs. You find Holiday Island and from there you will not have to carry your luggage anymore until you reach your room.

A short drive takes you to the jetty and a 5-7 minutes jetty boat ride takes you to the next Island – Holiday Island Resort & Spa.

You have now landed in paradise!

Our lovely Holiday Island

Beautiful Holiday Island

You walk towards the island on the 300 meters long jetty surrounded with turquoise blue water. Further in, you see the pure white sandy beach and palm trees.

You enter the reception area and in a smooth, quiet and respectful way, you will check-in. Afterward, you follow the bellboy under the palms and small bungalows laying side by side. Sometimes you will have a sneak peek to the ocean which is just on the other side of the bungalows.

Sneakpeak to the ocean at Holiday Island

We recommend that you request bungalows numbered from 174 to 185. It is on the same side as the airport, only 3-5 km away, but we only heard the planes once or maybe twice a day. It did not mean anything and did not bother us at all.

We stayed in room number 175 and we will definitely recommend staying on this side of the Island. We only had about 10-15 footsteps down to the water from our bungalow.

On the other side of the Island, you will have 2-300 meters from your bungalow to the water.

Take a look at this video, we take you inside our bungalow, to see how it is decored and how we could open our back door to our little piece of paradise.

Dining and Drinks on Holiday Island Resort

You have landed on an island with only this one resort, nothing else. There are no roads, no shops, no locals (besides the staff) – just paradise!

The main building is the reception area, with two small shops – a jewelry shop and a souvenir shop. Here you can purchase souvenirs, some swimwear, body care products, and snacks. But no icecreams or soft drinks.

Reception area at Holiday Island

Connected with the main building, you find the main bar. There, you can enjoy a cold drink, a snack or a light meal. Their menu offers sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and fries. While waiting for the food, you have an amazing view of the white sandy beach, the jetty, and the beautiful ocean beyond.

Drinks with a view

The main restaurant is just behind the reception. Here you will enjoy the meals that you have included in your stay. And honestly, it was so delicious. You will be given your own table during the entire stay.

Every morning, there was a lineup of several kinds of cereals, warm dishes and a chef was handling the eggs and waffles station. You can get an omelet and select your own ingredients. Different kinds of juices and coffee are available.

And for dinner, again several warm dishes were offered with a smile. A pasta station with two different selections and a meat station. There was always fresh fruit and ice cream available. A nice variety and a good atmosphere every time we entered. 5-star hospitality and service!

Delicious deserts1
Delicious desert2
Kenneth and the pasta chef

On the tip of Holiday Island is also a small beach bar where you can enjoy a cold drink in the sun or in a shadow of a palm.

Tours and Activities

Inside the main buildings, three desks are lined up – all for tours and activities. The first one is the diving center, the second one is for the tours and the third one for the SPA.

Holiday Island Resort has its own diving center, (Oceanious) where you can scuba dive, take diving lessons or even take a PADI certificate. The center is located near the unofficial jetty where you can almost jump to the other island.

Tours at Holiday Island
Diving center at Holiday Island

The tour desk has all kinds of tours, mostly snorkeling tours, but also tours with a catamaran boat, nearly every watersport you can imagine, and some special dining experiences on the beach.

You can do some snorkeling from the beach as well. Unfortunately, the reef around the island is very dead and the corals bleached. You can still have some magical encounters with colorful and curious fish, beautiful shells and small black-tipped reef sharks. If you are lucky you can spot the unbelievably large stingrays and swim with sea turtles looking for food.

Sea life
Sea turtle near Holiday Island
Cute yellow fish

We had this routine every morning after breakfast to put on our swimwear and snorkel gear to check on the sea life in our “backyard” – it was so wonderful.

Under the sea
Sea life near Holiday Island
Beautiful fish around Holiday Island

Entertainment and Fish Feeding

If you feel bored with snorkeling and enjoying the turquoise blue water, then you can find some entertainment in the middle of the island. They have a fine outside tennis and beach volley court. Next to this, you can find a building with a fitness center, pool table, table tennis and a small room with musical instruments.

Fun things to do at Holiday Island
Fitness at Holiday Island

Every evening at 7 pm the sharks, stingrays and other fish are being fed from the end of the jetty. Spotlights from the jetty house will illuminate the water and attract all sorts of fish, sharks, and stingrays.

Kenneth feeding reef sharks

From 9 pm, the bar in the main building arranges some entertainment. Some days the tour desk has some information and competition nights and other nights there will be music and dancing.

The Maldives in September

The Maldives is an all-year destination. But it definitely has its low and high seasons. We visited the Maldives in September and can report that even though September is a low season month and can contain heavy rain and dark days, it is still worth a visit.

The first 3-4 days of our stay we had wonderful weather with blue sky and only a few clouds. The rest of our stay was, unfortunately, a bit more unsteady.

Rainbow above Holiday Island

We had days where it rained for hours, some days it was only cloudy and other days, the sun where there but big white clouds were joining. All in all, the weather was fine… it wasn´t cold and we could still enjoy the island and its surroundings.

A check on the Bucket List

We enjoyed 10 wonderful days in this beautiful paradise.

Honestly, we had a fantastic stay. We were taking very good care of in any of our situations – and we had some…

Kenneth accidentally stepped on a sea urchin and had to go to a small medical center on the neighboring island. The hotel staff was very good and handled it very professionally.

Sea urchin
Kenneth at the medical center

Also, we had a wedding ceremony on Holiday Island, it was truly magical. Everything was taken so nicely care of in the best wedding planner style.
A day we will never forget. (A blog post will come)

Wedding at Holiday Island

We booked the room with only breakfast at first, but at arrival, we upgraded to half-board – breakfast and dinner. The best decision for sure as it saved us for a lot of money and it was worth every penny.

The island embraced us with its slow-paced atmosphere and we allowed it to. We got fascinated by everything.

We enjoyed the simple wildlife on the island. From the big ants (not normal size!) to the flying fox and the small baby reef sharks that came to greet us every day. A few tropical birds provided a nice backdrop of noises from the interior of the island.

Flying Fox
Baby Reef Shark

If you’re planning a trip to the Maldives, we warmly recommend Holiday Island Resort & SPA – you will not regret it.

Have you ever been to the Maldives? If yes, please share your resort-experience and also which month you went. We would love to hear from you.

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