Getaway to Symi

We arranged a one-day getaway trip to the small island of Symi while staying on Rhodes. It was easy to buy ferry tickets in the port of Rhodes and there are several departures during the day.

Early in the morning, we took the bus to Rhodes city center (EUR 2.30 each) and from there walked to the docks to collect our tickets. Sun was getting up and the day grew warm. A perfect day for a getaway. Since you have to collect your tickets from one place near the yachts harbor and you have to walk around the harbor to the ferry, it is recommendable that you show up in good time.

Ferry to Symi

The crossing took about 1½ hours time. The ferry was quite nice, with plenty of seating spaces both on deck and inside with air conditioning. People also had the possibility to bring along their cars or scooters.

Arriving at Gialos

Gialos is a beautiful small harbor town where the ferry docks. It really welcomes you to Symi in the most picturesque way. Houses all have colorful facades and are located from the harbor and up along the mountain slopes. Simply picture perfect!

Beautiful Symi

Symi is a relatively small island in the Dodecanese of only 58 square km’s and has around 2500 inhabitants. Most people live from the tourism that flows to the island from Rhodes. It has a rhythm that follows the ferries, arriving in the mornings and departing later in the afternoon. But still, they manage to preserve their charm.

Arrived at Symi
Beautiful street of Symi

Explore the backstreets…

On a getaway to Symi on a one-day tour, you will mainly stay around Gialos and its harbor. While exploring the town we went to the backstreets. Once behind the harbor filled with tourists, you will find an authentic everyday town full of churches, institutions, and people working on their houses. You will also find lots of stairs! 🙂

Beautiful pink vespa
Christina and a lot of stairs

When you go to Symi, you should bring along swimwear. It was a hot day and near the harbor, there is a small stretch of beach where you can take a dip to cool off. Regrettably, we forgot ours…

Bridge on Symi with Greek flags
Small boats at Symi

We enjoyed approximately 5 hours on Symi which was enough to explore and enjoy the town. We went on slow walks, saw churches and had lunch at a nice restaurant. Of course, we also had to enjoy a well-deserved dessert with ice cream and fruit. To fully enjoy the town, just accept and ignore that prices are 5-10% more expensive than on Rhodes. It is absolutely worth a visit.

Me with view of Symi

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