Fun and Love in Parque del Retiro

Near the center of Madrid, we found a lovely peaceful and incredibly beautiful oasis.
We found Parque del Retiro.

We had taken an extended weekend in April to explore Madrid and Parque del Retiro was definitely worth a visit. The park is one of the biggest parks in Madrid and it has belonged to the Spanish monarchy. It did not become public until in the late 19th century.

Japanese tree in Parque del Retiro

The moment we stepped into the park we could feel the spring surround us with beautiful flowers and trees. Along the many quiet trails, we passed joggers and people walking their dogs. Couples holding hands, slowly walking and engaged in conversations.

Parque del Retiro in Madrid seems to us like Central Park in New York.

Beautiful view
Estanque del Retiro

Estanque del Retiro is an artificial lake located in the center of the park. You can rent a small rowing boat for 45 mins. Price is only EUR 8,- (2016). To be able to row around in the middle of the lake in our own world, right in the middle of a busy capital, was not only cozy and fun. It was also a bit magical and very romantic.

Along the shores, other couples and families had also found their way to the lake. This breathing space of green and blue colors. Despite the attendance, the place did not seem crowded at all.

Boat tour at Estanque del Retiro
Boat tour at Estanque del Retiro

On the southern side of the lake the majestic monument, in honor of Alfonso 12th is situated, built in 1902.

Monument by the Estanque del Retiro

In the southern part of the park, you will find the beautiful Cristal Palace. It was built in 1887 and today it is mainly used for art exhibitions and flower displays. In front of the palace there is a small lake with a fountain. The pond was teeming with lively turtles enjoying the sun. Adorable!

Cristal Palace
Pond with turtles

The park has plenty of small pathways. You can easily locate a quiet cove in one of the many smaller gardens or under a blooming cherry blossom.

Blooming cherry

Have you visited Madrid and found your favorite spot in the beautiful Parque del Retiro?


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