Cuba – Cool Cars and Caribbean Charm

We think it is very important to show the world to our kids – its many differences and many diversities.
…and if there is a country which is totally different from ours – it is Cuba!

When we arrived in Cuba it was like we have had a time travel back to the 50s. These gorgeous old American cars were everywhere and many are really in mint condition.
Unfortunately, t is not possible to rent these beauties.

Fancy old car

Havana City

In Havana, we were staying at Hotel Inglaterra. It was a nice hotel located perfectly at the Parque Central.

Hotel Inglaterra

We enjoyed a lot of meaningful and historical sightseeing in and around Havana.  We visited H.C. Andersen kindergarten (Since we are Danish), walked at the pedestrian street, Obispo, drove in an old American car through the street of Havana and followed Ernest Hemingway´s footsteps (follow his footsteps in Hemingway´s Havana.)

H.C. Andersen Kindergarten
Kids having a nap at H.C. Andersen Kindergarten
Colorful buildings of Havana

Driving West

After 3 nights in Havana, we picked up our rental car and drove west to Pinar del Rio and Viñales.

Beautiful view of Vinales

Taking a road trip in Cuba is both a bit scary and super exciting at the same time. It is always cool to head out on your own adventures, but when you can’t speak a word of Spanish and you don’t see any road signs for miles, it can get a little intimidating. I wouldn’t recommend driving around after nightfall because there are simply no street lights. Mix that with people walking along the roads and quite sizable holes and you get the picture.

Staying in Casa Particular

Our stay in Viñales was a special experience and very recommendable –  we stayed 2 night in a Casa Particulares. A private home, where we were well taken care of by the family living there.

Casa Maria Louisa Vinales

Our sightseeing in Viñales was a 3½ hour long walk amongst cattle and muddy fields with various kinds of crops – not something we were quite prepared for. The trip was available both by foot or on horseback, we took it by foot. Besides that, it is possible to visit the great wall painting “Mural de Historia” and take the trip by boat on “Cueva del Indio”.

Walking in Valley of Vinales
Beautiful Vinales
Mural del historia

Charming Hotel

From Viñales we drove back to Havana and further to Playa Larga or Bays of Pigs on the south side of Cuba. (Funny name, since there are no pigs in the bay…)

Here we stayed at a somewhat special hotel. Hotel Guama is situated out in the middle of Laguna del Tesoro, so I decided to pay a “parking guard” 3 CUC to watch our car and we headed full speed by motorboat to the hotel consisting of huts on poles in the water. The hotel was not particularly fancy or modern, but it had its own unique charm about it.
We spend the rest of the day by the pool and enjoyed the peaceful hotel.

Hotel Guama
Relaxing Hotel Guama

On our way to Trinidad, we had a short break in Cienfuegos. A busy city with lots of shops and nice historical buildings. Definitely worth a stop on the way or even with a night stay. In Trinidad, we checked into the all-inclusive Playa Ancon resort. From there we had only 10 mins drive into Trinidad city.

Playa Ancon

Everything is cheap in Cuba, food, gasoline… everything!

You won’t be spending a lot of money in Cuba, at least not in shopping malls. Not really a shopping kind of country to be honest. But it has so much more to offer.


Last Days in Varadero

We spent the last few nights in Cuba in Varadero which is located approx. 150 km’s east of Havana. Yet again a wonderful all-inclusive resort right by the beach. Varadero is a peninsula with hotels situated next to each other like pearls on a string facing out towards the Gulf of Mexico along the wonderful and wide sandy beach.

Villa Cuba poolarea

You won’t see a lot of people when you travel here off season which is from April to October. During the season peak, you will experience a lively crowd on the beach and in the small town at night.

Villa Cuba

I traveled to Cuba alone with my two kids of 10 and 12. At no point in time did I feel unsafe or scared to drive around the country. There is very little crime and even though we had some lingual challenges along the way, we found our hotels by the friendly courtesy of the Cuban people.


I made a video of our trip – it is approx. 30 mins long, so grab a cup of coffee or maybe a Mojito and enjoy it here…

I showed my kids Cuba by taking them on a road trip in the western part – a road trip they still talk about today – many years later!

Have you ever been to Cuba?
What do you think about our tour?


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