Greece Adventures and Travels with Compass and Coconuts. Visit some of the most beautiful destinations in Greece, such as Zakynthos, Rhodes, Symi or Lesvos.

Greece is a warm and welcoming country with friendly and smiling people. We always feel welcome and it kinda reminds us of coming home to a well-known family member for vacation.

The cuisine is simply delicious. Traditional dishes consist of lamb, stews, and vegetables. Greece is very famous for its feta cheese, olives, and olive oils.

You will find the pricing level very reasonable for both hotels, services, and excursions. Taxis and bus fares are relatively cheap compared to other travel destinations and you seldom experience problems with services. Time tables are an unknown concept, so arm yourself with patience when taking the bus. It will come when it comes.

The waters surrounding the Greek islands are crystal blue. Greece adventures not only happens on land but on the sea as well. A very memorable experience was when we went on a sailing trip from the port of Lindos on the Greek island of Rhodes. We spent an entire day on the waters, enjoying the sun, the wind, and the sea.

Snorkeling is an absolute must when having a Greece adventure. We recommend you bring your own snorkeling gear instead of buying more cheap sets in the gift shops. The quality is not high enough and sometimes the sun will have softened the rubber on the flippers.

In summary, Greece is an amazing travel destination. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we have!