You begin a Denmark travel by asking: Where is Denmark?

Denmark is a tiny country situated just on top of Germany. When you look on Google maps, you will see Denmark is a part of the Scandinavian countries. These include Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. Greenland and the Faroe Isles are part of the Danish realm, although they are self-governed.

We are from Denmark ourselves. You can, therefore, ask us anything you wish concerning Denmark or traveling to Denmark. In particular, Copenhagen is a popular destination for tourists.

Copenhagen has plenty of historical sites but also tourist locations such as the Tivoli Garden. Each year Tivoli Gardens changes theme several times during the year to follow traditions such as Christmas Market or Halloween. During summers, they have concerts each Friday on the lawn.

Another reason to plan a Denmark travel would be to explore the famous designers. In particular, Denmark and Scandinavia are famous for their furniture design and simple nordic living. Go down New Harbor for a cozy atmosphere. Enjoy a glass of fine wine or high-quality beer from one of the many cafes and restaurants.

You will find the price level in Denmark and in Copenhagen in particular, somewhat high. Copenhagen ranks up there with New York, but quality costs as they say.

In addition to Copenhagen, you can also visit other charming cities such as Odense, Aarhus or Aalborg. Hans Christian Andersen lived in Odense and his stories and adventures are a profound piece of Danish history.