You can explore Europe in several different ways. Because the countries are located in such close proximity to each other you can often plan a visit to multiple countries during a single trip.

Why only visit Belgium when you can add the Netherlands and Luxemburg as well? Why not also go visit Sweden and Norway when you are in Denmark and the list goes on.

To explore Europe requires a bit of planning. It greatly depends on what your preferences are. Some people only visit different capitals to explore the main attractions in the cities. Others are more interested in taking the back roads in France or Tuscany to explore every vineyard along the way. However you prefer to travel and explore, Europe can accommodate your wishes.

If you are more adventurous you can seek out the more peripheral countries and regions in Europe. From Ireland in the northwest to the Caucasus mountains in the east. From the northern regions of Finland, Sweden and Norway to the Algarve coast of Portugal. With 50 sovereign states, there are plenty of amazing places to visit.

You can explore Europe by plane, train or by road. Even cruises are very popular these days. As more sustainable traveling becomes more popularized we suspect train travels across Europe will become more appealing in the coming years.

The European multitude of different cultures, languages, histories, cuisines, and environments awaits you! From enjoying a French baguette in a park adjacent to the Eiffel Tower to a Greek salad with your toes in the Ionian Sea.