Here is some travel inspiration to some awesome Mexico Adventures. Mexico adventures and travels with Compass and Coconuts. Visit some of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico.

We strongly recommend you to visit Puerta Vallarta, Xpu Ha, and Isla Holbox. They all have a really special charm. Puerto Vallarta is located on the west coast of Mexico, facing the majestic Pacific Ocean. The coastline is rugged with mountains and offers some amazing adventure spots. Like zip-lining across jungle canopies.

Xpu Ha and Isla Holbox are both located on the Yucatan Peninsula, facing the calmer Atlantic Ocean. Isla Holbox, in particular, has some of the most fantastic beaches you can imagine. Imagine a place with no cars, only white sandy beaches, palm trees, and footpaths. That’s Isla Holbox.

We give you honest reviews and cool itineraries around in Mexico. How to explore Mexico with ADO and OCC buses and how to get around Mexico by bus. The ADO buses will offer convenient connections inland. We had a particularly interesting trip from the Yucatan cities down to the Chiapas region. Our destination was San Cristobal.

The cuisine in Mexico is fantastic. Produced from fresh products, our favorites are tacos, guacamole, quesadillas and much more. Pricing is indeed very reasonable. If you seek out local cantinas or street kitchens, you can dine very cheaply and with incredibly high quality.

All in all, Mexico has so many cool adventures to offer. Mexico is one of our favorite travel destinations and we will surely come back many times in the future.