Caribbean Cruise in Hurricane Season?

To go on a cruise is a fascinating way to travel. Some people love it, others think less of it and some even need a bit of convincing to try it out cause they have heard about the hurricanes.

I have always thought a Carribean cruise was a bit extravagant. To sail out from the port towards different historical towns, islands and different cultures. And not to forget the Carribean beaches who have always had a special attraction to me.

Back in late 2013 when I was a single mom with two kids, I thought about realizing the dream of a Carribean cruise and my kids would share that experience with me.

Cruise in hurricane seasonPort of Miami

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But it wasn’t that easy!

All of a sudden you had a bunch of different things to consider. Prices, cruise ships, and the routes are very different. You also need to decide whether you wish to stay in an inside cabin, outside cabin with window, balcony or something even more luxurious.  I soon realized that my Carribean adventure could very quickly turn into a very expensive adventure.

While I was researching the Internet for various cruise ships – and routes because these are important as well – I discovered that the prices from Mid July to start November was significantly cheaper than during the rest of the year. I wanted to escape the Scandinavian winter but prices here was above my budget. Cheaper prices were because of the hurricane season.

Would I risk it? Would I take a chance with my kids for such an ‘ugly’ experience?

Cruise in hurricane season

Well, back to consulting Google for answers and guidance. My conclusion was that I suddenly had booked a departure in the hurricane season.

In October 2014, we boarded the Carnival Glory. We embarked from Miami heading for Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas USVI, and Turks and Caicos.

Scary thoughts occasionally came into my head – especially when we hit a rain shower, but truth be told, everything went really well. During the week we were underway we only had a couple of rain showers, but nothing of real significance.

We had plenty of days with high sunshine, wonderful blue sky, and a delightful warm ocean.

Cruise in hurricane season

Benefits of going on a Carribean cruise in the hurricane season:

  • Prices are much lower.
  • There are more deals.
  • There are fewer crowds on some of the Islands.
  • Cruise ships are very attentive to the weather and will plan a different route should a storm pressure occur.
Onboard Canival Glory

Good to know/ Nice to bring:

  • August and September are peak hurricane season months in the Caribbean.
  • Always good to have minimum 1 night at a hotel before and after the cruise.
  • Bring seasick remedies – better be safe than sorry 🙂
  • Make sure your travel insurance is valid. You never know what you´ll experience.

Even though our Carribean adventure was on a tight budget (single mom with 2 kids in an inside cabin) we got plenty of unforgettable experiences. Experiences that my kids still remember today. So I have in no way regretted my decision – to go on a Carribean cruise in hurricane season.

Have you been on a cruise in hurricane/monsoon season ??

Nicklas, Becca by Carnival Glory

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