Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa XpuHa, Mexico

On our round trip in Mexico, we spend our 4 last nights at this unusual Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa XpuHa Riviera Maya.

Located right in the middle of Playa del Carmen and Tulum, just by the sea – perfect location.

When we arrived in Tulum with the bus, we decided to take a taxi. We had just spent the last 20 hours in a bus, we were messy and a bit restless. We needed a shower and a pool to relax. That cost us 500 pesos!
Yes, I know it was very expensive, but we didn´t have the energy to explore other options. So we just made a taxi driver happy that day.

It was a nice stay… beautiful, clean and nice… and very interesting.
We did a little research on the hotel along the way, but couldn´t figure out why Google told us, that we were supposed to stay in a zoo… see why further down…

Entrance to Bel Air

We were very impressed when we arrived at the hotel. Big fancy entrance and a beautiful large lobby, where we were greeted with a nice cool welcome drink.

Lobby at Bel Air Collection Resort

The hotel…

Nine small villages with approx. 16 rooms each is spread out on a huge area.
Between the villages, you will be able to find cages… cages with wild animals, such as crocodiles, chimpanzees, black panther and leopards.
That´s why Google told us our accommodation was a zoo… 🙂

Lobby at Bel Air Collection Resort
Electric car
Bus stop at Bel Air Collection Resort

The hotel is located in some kind of mangrove, so a lot of small wild animals were running around the area. Along the trails we found sunbathing iguanas and near the restaurant and pool bar, curious coatis and raccoons were hanging around.

Iguana at Bel Air Collection Resort

Because the hotel is a huge area, the hotel has small electric cars to run around between the hotel´s facilities. But it is possible to walk between the places as well… nice trails bring you through the mangrove, invites you to greets the animals and allow you to slow down and enjoy life.

The rooms…

When we stepped into our room – we just smiled – the rooms are equipped with all the normal stuff; beds, TV, desk and fridge… and then they also have a large bathroom-kind-of-area with a huge jacuzzi for two, two sinks and large mirrors. Very interesting. Behind a small door, we found the toilet and shower.

Room at Bel Air Collection Resort
Bathroom at Bel Air Collection Resort
Funny bathroom at Bel Air Collection Resort

And then we had a nice large balcony with chairs and a hammock.

Balcony at Bel Air Collection Resort

The pool…

The pool area was outstanding. Large, nice and clean with a pool bar, jacuzzi and a volleyball net in the end.
In another section they had a large water-playground for children.
All over the ordinary pool the depth is 1,20 m.

Jacuzzi at Bel Air Collection Resort
Pool area at Bel Air Collection Resort
Fun waterslide at Bel Air Collection Resort
Childrens pool at Bel Air Collection Resort

You do not have to bring towels, you´ll get a towel card when you check in, for that you can exchange to towels by the pool.

Pool bar at Bel Air Collection Resort

Dining at the hotel…

Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa XpuHa Riviera Maya can be used as an all-inclusive hotel. We did not have that, but one day we tried the food as all-inclusive guests and it was really delicious.
Every morning we had the lavish breakfast buffet… bread, fruits, many kinds of cereal and yogurt, Mexican/American dishes and best of all a guy was standing just to make our eggs – scrambled, omelets and much more… so delicious. The champagne was included in the buffet, but coffee, the and juice was extra charge.

Breakfast at Bel Air Collection Resort

We ate two really nice dinners at the hotel – one night from the menu and the other we tried the buffet… both were really good.
If you are into sushi, the hotel also have a sushi restaurant. I don´t think that restaurant is a part of the all-inclusive concept though.

Delicious dinner

The beach…

Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa XpuHa Riviera Maya does not have a beach.
Sun beds, sand and cool drinks they have, but the “beach” is rocky and non-bathing-friendly.

Beach at Bel Air Collection Resort
Sunbeds at Bel Air Collection Resort

Instead, they have a free beach shuttle to La Playa Xpu-Ha. It goes approx. every 30 minutes. It takes only 10 minutes to drive to go there.
Many tourists find their way to that beach, so it can be a little crowded.
And note that you need to rent the sun beds. We heard prices from 100-400 pesos, depends on which kind of sunbed you need.
When we also ordered some lunch and drinks, we got the sunbeds for free.

Beach Xpu-ha
Beautiful beach Xpu-ha

Other facilities at the hotel…

Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa XpuHa Riviera Maya offers many facilities.
Within the area, they have 3 cenotes.
They have a shop, a gym and in the spa at the Bel Air Riviera Maya include a hot tub and various treatments, including massage and aromatherapy.
They also offer you a quiet time in a canoe through the mangrove for free.
Every evening they had some entertainment in the lounge/cocktail bar – one night some music and dancing and another night a movie (in English).

Gym at Bel Air Collection Resort
SPA at Bel Air Collection Resort
Canoeing at Bel Air Collection Resort

The animals…

At the hotel, there is a lot of signs with different animals – and the habitats were easy to find, but had no animals. We only saw chimpanzees, crocodiles, leopards and the panther.
Signs told us, there had also been elephants, flamingos, turtles, an aviary and some other animals as well.
I think the hotel is aware of the frustrations the guest must have for the empty habitats.

Kenneth with the panther and leopard
Chimpanzees at Bel Air Collection Resort
Crocodiles at Bel Air Collection Resort
Kenneth with at coati

On the trails around the area, we did see a lot of iguanas sunbathing. We also saw some deer/guinea pig a-like, very shy animals.
At dinner time we were entertained by the curious coatis and sneaky raccoons.

Raccoons at Bel Air Collection Resort

On tour…

Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa XpuHa Riviera Maya is located in the middle of nowhere. So be prepared to spend a little money on transportation.
Right outside the hotel is a big road – no shops or restaurants.

One day we decided to go to Tulum ruins, we prepared ourselves to pay 500 pesos for a taxi. We stepped outside the hotel, crossed the road and suddenly a vehicle used his light on us and we signed. In no time we sat among mexicans in a small van. I was a bit nervous, but Kenneth was cool…

Along the way people was getting on and off and payed the driver for the service. We reached Tulum and payed 40 pesos pr person for the service! 80 pesos!

Collectivo Tulum-Playa del Carmen

The collective service goes between Playa del Carmen and Tulum every day/all day – it does not have a time schedule, but we only waited up to 5 min each place.
A very comfortable and cheap way to come around in this area.

All in all…

Our stay at Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa XpuHa Riviera Maya was a pleasant and very relaxing stay.
On the upside, the staff was friendly and very informative and did everything to make sure that we had a fantastic stay.
Nice and clean restaurants, with delicious fresh food at every meal and excellent service. Nice pool area as well.
On the downside, the habitats for the animals could perhaps have been better, but the animals looked healthy and was very active.

Curious coatis by the pool

Have you been at the Riviera Maya in Mexico?
Would you choose a stay at Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa XpuHa Riviera Maya or have you recently enjoyed a stay here yourself?
If you want to know more about the hotel or if you just enjoyed the post, please leave us a comment below.


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