ATV Adventure on Rhodes

When we travel to different places, we need to come out and explore – on our week on Rhodes we took an ATV adventure on the Island.

Renting an ATV isn´t that difficult and it is a fantastic way to get around on the island. Although the standard models were fairly priced, we decided to upgrade to the stronger model, so that the mountain roads would not become any problem. You can rent an ATV for around 20 EUR for a day. Because of the upgrade we selected, consequently, we paid 50 EUR. This included a full tank of gasoline and off we went!

Christina on an ATV

Explore the Island

We packed a small bag each with swimwear, towel, and sunscreen. The weather was sunny, warm and the day gorgeous. Our destination was the Acropolis in Lindos, although we planned for stops along the way.

Lindos view

We passed through small cozy villages and passed large olive groves. We went up the mountains so that we could enjoy the views.

Olive plantation

The Butterfly Valley

Our first stop on our ATV adventure was The Butterfly Valley, which is situated just a few kilometers from the coast. The Valley is widely known for its special species of butterfly that arrives every year from June to September.  For this reason, the place attracts lots of tourists.

Christina in Butterfly Valley

Initially, we were a bit disappointed as we only spotted a few flying butterflies, but a bit further down the path, we immediately noticed they were quietly sitting everywhere. Thousands of butterflies on rocks and trees.

Butterfly Valley

Heading for Lindos Acropolis

Our next stop was Lindos and after parking the ATV, we quickly headed towards the Acropolis. Along the way we went through loads of tourists, all looking at the vast amount of souvenir shops. We also passed the donkey stables where their leaders eagerly tried to sell riding trips up to the Acropolis and back down again.

Donkeys in Lindos

People have mixed feelings about these rides. Despite the offer for a ride, we decided to climb the mountain ourselves in the blazing sun. The path is steep and has slippery rocks. Make sure you watch your steps while you take your time to reach the top.

We were struck by a sudden feeling of stinginess after having reached the Acropolis. Entry was 12 EUR 12 each and because of this, we decided to descend without a closer inspection of the Acropolis. Truth be told, we had both been to the Acropolis before.

Christina view Lindos Bay view

The Beach at Lindos Bay

You should not miss out on the lovely beach at Lindos Bay. From this wonderful stretch of fine sand and clear water, you can certainly enjoy the Acropolis from a distance. We did in particular 🙂

Lindos Acropolis

The 7 Springs

We headed home and drove past The 7 Springs. This is a beautiful and quiet corner of Rhodes that could just as was well have been in Sweden on a lovely summers day. By all means, it was a relaxing spot and you can enjoy the shades and a walk in the cool water. You should not miss out on the opportunity to walk through the long and narrow tunnel in pitch darkness. Quite the experience.

The 7 Springs

We definitely had a lovely day with the wind in our hair and full of rich experiences. We had to be back at 20:00 (8 pm) and with this in mind, we pressed north towards Ixia and the sunset with 70 km/h.

ATV adventure

Our ATV adventure was truly a recommendable day.

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