Adventure Day with Canopy River, Puerto Vallarta

Cool and fun adventure awaits you with Canopy River, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

We had an amazing adventure day with Canopy River, who arranged a full day of fun and excitement.

Canopy River, Puerto Vallarta arranges adventures in the Mexican rainforest with zip-lines, river adventures and ATV fun a bit south of Puerto Vallarta.

A fresh and energetic instructor greeted us welcome when we arrived at Canopy River. He quickly outlined the rules.  The transport up to Canopy River is also included in the tour. You are divided into groups, depending on which activity you have planned. It is a very well organized day and they fit you with safety harness and helmet. Their safety briefing before you head out is clear and thorough.

Ready to have fun with Canopy River Puerto Vallarta

Just a note: You are not allowed to bring any cameras or videocams unless you have a GoPro you can put on your helmet or in a belt on your chest.  That has to be my next birthday wish, cause I am a bit sad that I couldn´t take any pictures or video of our adventures. A photographer from Canopy River who followed along has taken all the pictures you see in this post.

We had 2 adventures on the same day – a Zip-Line Tour and the River Expedition. If you only want one adventure, it will only be a half day adventure tour.

Christina having fun zip-lining

Our first adventure was the Zip-Line Tour with Canopy River, Puerto Vallarta

An easy intro line takes you right from the start. We went through a total of 11 zip-lines carrying us high above the Mexican rainforest. Lines went through the canopy, above the idyllic river landscape and offered spectacular views along the way.

Some lines were far-reaching where you could really enjoy the view, others had a nice descent and lots of speed.

Kenneth zip-lining

All along the way, you feel totally safe in the capable hands of the 4-5 instructors, who hooks you up to the zip-lines and coordinates when you can go. Between the zip-lines, you have a few minor walks through the rainforest. Spread along the tour, you will find water posts and they take breaks along the way to let you catch your breath.

A very nice tour.

Canopy River Puerto Vallarta

Our second adventure tour was the River Expedition.

This is a fun tour and absolutely recommendable.

On this tour, we zip-lined – but not on the same lines as earlier though. We rappelled, we floated in large inflatable rings down along a cozy river. We also experienced a “free fall” (of course with ropes 🙂

Christina in free fall
Kenneth in free fall

On this tour, you will get completely wet! We zip-lined into the river and if your friend flips over your ring, you will get wet more than once!

Canopy River Puerto Vallarta
Christina zip line into lake

We had a very fun time with our guides on this tour – they were professionals, they were funny and they assured that you felt comfortable and safe. If you go for this tour I hope you will have the team with Arturo, Aldo, Gina, and Ivan – In short, they are amazing.

Adventure day zip line with Canopy River, Puerto Vallarta
Zip-lining together
Fun in water

Both tours ended the same way.

With all the zip-lines going down we ended in the bottom of the valley. A group of mules waited for us to carry us back up to the top. Normally I am not into the use of animals for tourists, but these mules were actually looking quite healthy. They had nice fur and looked happy – and honestly, I was a bit tired and did not want to walk up the steep path.

After your last ride, you end up in a cozy restaurant where you can buy some lunch or just grab a nice meal after all the fantastic adventures. There is a wonderful view from the restaurant and the sun will quickly dry your wet clothes.

Kenneth on a mule

One tiny hiccup…

After the tour, you have the option of purchasing the pictures taken of you during your tour. I feel it is too expensive in light of the fact that it is not allowed to bring along your own camera. You can either buy the pictures on a CD or on a USB stick. To get them on a USB was more pricey though. We paid MXN 1298 or approx USD 70 (2018) for a CD with pictures from both adventures – in order to have the memories captured.

Thank you to Canopy River, Puerto Vallarta for a truly amazing day!

Rapelling kiss with Canopy River Puerto Vallarta

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