ADO Buses in Mexico and how to use them

Take ADO buses in Mexico if you plan a trip. Mexico has the greatest bus system and it works!

For our trip to Mexico, we were planning to take the fine and comfortable ADO and OCC buses around. We tried to order tickets from home in Denmark at several times, but at last, we concluded that they will not accept foreign credit cards, so off we went with only our flight tickets and voucher for hotels.

Christina buying tickets for ADO buses

We needed four bus tickets:

  • Cancun – Valladolid
  • Valladolid – Merida
  • Merida – San Cristobal de Las Casas
  • San Cristobal de Las Cases – Tulum

Some of the routes had many departures and others only a few.
When we arrived at Cancun bus station there was only one seat left on the next bus for Valladolid, but luckily for us, Cancun-Valladolid was one of the routes with many departures, so we grabbed a subway sandwich and a milkshake and waited an hour and a half more.

ADO tickets Cancun
Cancun bus station

On Cancun bus station, they had a small “office” for Merida tickets, so we bought our tickets for Merida-San Cristobal, so we didn´t have to worry about those seats.

Seats in ADO bus

In advanced before we left home, we checked the prices for the buses, so we had an idea for our budget – but you cannot fully count on that.
The closer you get on the departure date – the more expensive the tickets will be.

ADO buses in Mexico

Our Cancun – Valladolid ticket, we bought only a few hours before departure, price 216 pesos per person.
The other tickets were about 3-4 days in advance.

Prices for our ADO bus trips

Valladolid to Merida cost us 204 pesos per person.
Merida to San Cristobal cost us 633 pesos for one of us and 672 pesos for the other (don´t know why).
San Cristobal to Tulum cost us 765 pesos per person.

OCC bus

Every bus station on our way was equipped with a shop, so we could supply us with sandwiches, snacks and something to drink, a charger station, very connectable free WiFi and some very surprising clean toilet facilities.

TIP: Remember to save 5 pesos coins for a long bus drive. Every toilet visit costs 5 pesos per person. (2017)

Free wifi ADO

A very nice and comfortable way to cross Mexico´s large distances. The buses are also equipped with chargers under the seat, so we could charge phones and camera on the way, very useful.

One thing to note though, the air condition system in the buses are often set at 19 or 20 degrees so it can get really chilly, especially if you need to sleep in the bus as we did to San Cristobal and to Tulum.

So bring a blanket, scarf, even long trousers and a blouse. Otherwise you will just be cold. Last thing to note is that the bus driver makes stops on the long routes at local restaurant stops where you can grab a quick taco or a cold soda. It’s nice to get a small warm meal and it is very cheap as well.

Very recommendable!

Have you traveled in Mexico and used the ADO and OCC buses?
Do you think you are missing some informations for an upcoming trip?


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