A Road Trip to Lamington National Park

On our trip around Australia, we have now reach Brisbane and our plan is to explore Lamington National Park.
But a road trip! What was I thinking? Everything is opposite! OMG!

We started our road trip from Brisbane Airport with shaking hands and nervous ticks. I tried to convince my brain to have focused on the left side of the road. I literally said out loud “stay left”, “look left”, “follow the edge” and so on for the first 20 minutes.

Road trip from Brisbane

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

We reached the world´s first and largest koala sanctuary within half an hours road trip from Brisbane Airport. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was established in 1927 and now home for more than 130 koalas.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Cute koala

The sanctuary also has other wildlife, besides a lot of koalas, they have Tasmanian devils, wombats, echidnas and a high number of kangaroos.
We were allowed to enter into the kangaroo’s large reserve, where we could feed and pet the friendly kangaroos. A very nice and entertaining experience.

Cute wombat
Kangaroo reserve in Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
My sister feeding a kangaroo at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Lamington National Park and O´Reilly´s Rainforest Retreat

It was time to find our hotel after a long day with a flight from Sydney, Koala Sanctuary and driving in the “wrong” side.

Our road trip just became a bit more excited… when our GPS finally told us, that we had reached our destination, we were in the middle of nowhere with a sign saying Lamington National Park and a huge mountain in front of us – no hotel, not a single shop – nothing!

Lamington National Park

We knew that O´Reilly Rainforest Retreat had a great view, so we decided to start our journey up the mountain and hoped for the best. On our way to the summit, we climbed several ascending hairpins and drove on challenging narrow roads, but we enjoyed the many wallabies and the outstanding view along the way – including the beautiful sunset.

View of Lamington National Park

We finally reached O´Reilly Rainforest Retreat 1 hour later. It took us 3 hours from the koalas to O’Reillys!

Final destination: Gold Coast

O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat was a wonderful stay with a wonderful view.
They have their own Treetop Walk, which we decided to take after a light breakfast and before we were heading down the mountain. A nice walk in the rainforest – started on the ground and quietly we had reached the treetop – very exciting.

Booyong walk at O´Reilly Rainforest Retreat
Christina at Booyong walk
Christina in tree top

On the way down the mountain, there are several trails where you can stop and take a walk into the rainforest. We did and it was absolutely amazing. Away from the road, you are in a different world with rivers, waterfalls, fantastic sounds from the birds above.

Rainforest in Lamington National Park
Waterfall in Lamington National Park
River in Lamington National Park

…and of course of all the reptiles Australia has to offer, this was the only time we saw a snake on our entire trip.

Snake at Lamington National Park

On our way down the mountain, we found a llama farm with several lamas – and they obviously tried to make more – a bit odd to find these animals in the rainforest…

Llamas in the rainforest

At the end of the mountain road, we found a tiny village. It had a few shops, cafes and restaurants. We grabbed a really nice lunch before we hit the road towards Gold Coast – a trip for only 40 km.

Little town on our road trip

Arriving Gold Coast we dropped off our little red rental car and checked in at the Outrigger Hotel. Nice hotel with a great partial sea view – tomorrow the beach is calling.

View over Gold Coast

What do you think of our road trip – would you have done something else?
Have you ever tried to drive in the opposite lane of what you are used to?

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