Isla Holbox: A Little Piece of Paradise

Have you ever been to a place, where the atmosphere was relaxing and everywhere you looked the view was just breathtaking – a place you could call paradise?

Well, we have! ISLA HOLBOX!

Wonderful Isla Holbox

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To get to Isla Holbox quickly we decided to take the two and a half-hour drive from Cancun to Chiquila, even though we arrived late. And then it took 20 mins with the ferry from Chiquila to get to Isla Holbox. As we arrived 20 golf carts waited for the ferry to bring new tourist No taxis, no other car-like driving vehicles – only taxi golf carts.

Golf carts taxis

Isla Holbox is only 42 km long and between 500 m-2 km wide and has only one small city called Holbox. Most of the island is a large nature reserve, Yum Balam, but yet there are approx. 2.000 people living on the island.

Beautiful Isla Holbox

No paved roads on the island and only about 10 cars, who are bringing goods and other life necessities to the residents and the small hotels.
The city is adorable with beautiful colored houses. The square, called “zocolo“, Holbox´middle, is the center for the island’s activities.

Here you will find kids playing at the basketball court and smaller children tumble at the playground. A few shops, small cozy restaurants, and bars can be found around here too.

Isla Holbox city
Christina on a bar

Favorite restaurant

My favorite restaurant quickly became Restaurant Colibri, they invited me in to taste their guacamole. It was a dream and between you and me, I do not like avocados!

Outside Restaurant Colibri
Inside Restaurant Colibri
Wonderful meal

Their small houses were nicely decorated both on the inside and outside. It was simple and the authenticity was amazing.

Another “restaurant” with an old Coca Cola plastic roof and the distinctive red plastic chairs came close to my heart. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name, but they were also located at the square.

Good restaurant at Isla Holbox
Delicious food Isla Holbox

Driving around the island

It is only possible to move around by foot, bike, moped or the golf carts. Especially the golf carts were very popular among the tourists – and also for us 🙂

We rented a golf cart for an hour for 150 pesos (approx. 7,50 USD). An hour was enough time to come around. Stop by the mangrove, enjoy the soft white sandy beaches and see the city.

Driving a golf cart
Beautiful beach
Beach Isla Holbox

We stayed 3 nights at the wonderful Holbox Dream, a small cozy hotel, just by the beach.

The rooms were simple. On Isla Holbox, you do not need a TV or a room-phone. Just a bed to sleep in and a pool and the ocean to relax in.

Even the lamps and the faucet and shower was made by conchs… amazing!

Holbox Dream hotel
Poolarea at Holbox Dream
Bathroom at Holbox Dream

In my planning for Mexico in March 2017 Isla Holbox will not be included, unfortunately. We only have 14 days and I have to expand my knowledge about the Mayan people and visit some other beautiful cities.

But I am sure that Isla Holbox and I will meet again someday in the future. I have great plans for swimming with the beautiful whale sharks, who are only around Isla Holbox during summer. From mid-May to mid-September.

Have you ever been to Isla Holbox?

Or from the places you have been, which destination would you call paradise?


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